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Hi, I'm Anu Uddavolu

(You can call me Anu)



My father, grandfather, and uncles attended A&M University in Huntsville, Alabama. My grandfather majored in economics, but don’t let the numbers game fool you—he was a passionate farmer, and known for it. He rented land to grow vegetables, and sold them locally. His wife was a blue-collar worker, through and through. Their work ethic informs who I am today, and like so many of you, I am proud of that heritage.

My story starts not in the South, but the Midwest—it is here that I grew up and pursued my education. I have always had strong ties to the communities that I called home, because I know the value of these connections.

I found myself in New York City as a litigator. Immediately, I saw a need for pro-bono legal services, and quickly took on cases that changed lives. While doing this work, my own life changed. I met Ravi Uddavolu—he was working for the Peoria-based company that transforms organizations worldwide to improve performance, profitability, and global competitiveness.

That was exciting, but what I loved about him the most was our shared love of community service and commitment to improving the lives of others. When I left New York City for Peoria, I did so because I knew this is where I wanted to raise a family. I wanted my future child to grow up with the same Midwestern values that informed my own life and career. Soon, I gave birth to our son Maurya. He was named after Chandragupta Maurya, a man who is credited with uniting what we now know as India. This is because I believe in the value of a people united — and as a city council member, I will work to unite our city to come together to create what is truly a "Greater Peoria." Our own Maurya has taken on this role as one of my top volunteers in our campaign for Peoria City Council.


Serving my own community has been my passion. Upon moving to Peoria in 2013, I immediately got involved in the community as a pro bono attorney for Prairie State Legal Services, advising small business owners and helping clients resolve family disputes. I now serve as corporate supply chain contract administrator at OSF Healthcare, where I manage, negotiate, and administer contracts for products, services, and capital equipment at facilities owned or affiliated with OSF HealthCare. If you are interested in the specifics, this means that I monitor contract compliance and performance metrics, advising the leadership team on achieving best-in-class quality, cost and delivery through competitive benchmarking and market research, and analytics.

Basically, I am a details person—something we need at City Hall.

I chose a career path that would allow me time to focus on improving our community. I have served on the Passage to India culinary team for several years, cooking gourmet meals for over 1,000 guests each year to raise funds for Easterseals Central Illinois. I also volunteered in the Guest Chef Program at Peoria’s Ronald McDonald House and serves on the executive team for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign, securing sponsorships and working to inspire and educate Peoria women on improving their health and diet. Currently, I also serve on the Board of Directors of the Women’s Fund of Central Illinois. Based at the Community Foundation of Central Illinois, this fund  supports projects that strengthen families and communities by empowering women and girls. I am a member of Women in Leadership of Central Illinois, which promotes leadership among women by providing mentoring, networking, and educational opportunities.

I was selected to be a commissioner for the Peoria Joint Commission on Racial Justice Equity and as a co-chair of this commission’s Child & Youth Development Subcommittee so that Peoria can accelerate efforts to institutionalize racial justice and equity within the city, advance its adoption throughout the region, end racism, and achieve racial equity and justice across the community.

That was a lot, and there is more to share—I hope you will come to one of my events and follow our social media pages so that we can get to know one another better.





- SEWA (Service Award)
- Forty Leaders Under 40, Peoria Magazines
- Law School Graduate from Michigan
- Outstanding New Leader, Women in Leadership of Central IL
- Dennis A. Steele Outstanding Philanthropic Organization Award


- Peoria Joint Racial Justice and Equity Commissioner:
Child and Youth Development Committee Chairman

- Community Foundation of Central Illinois Women’s Advisory Board Member: Empowering Women and Girls

- AICCP (Asian Indian Community Collaboration of Peoria):
Alternative Career Mentoring, Youth Leadership,
& Philanthropy

- American Heart Association:

Peoria Go Red for Women Executive Team Member,

Women’s Heart Health Awareness & Prevention

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