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Quality of Life · Accelerate Jobs · Equity & Justice · Uplift Businesses

When you give someone a job, you expect them to follow through. I have no intention of making empty promises. I respect others too much to add fluff to my agenda. We're here to get a job done, so let's do it.

Here are my goals. They are based on feedback I've gained from the community. Don't see something here that matters to you? Send me feedback and let's solve it together!


Quality of Life

Live in Peoria, Thrive in Peoria

  • Quality Of life

  • Strong and Safe Neighborhoods

  • Make Peoria more attractive and business-friendly

  • Promote art, culture, shopping, and restaurants

  • Enhance the vibrancy of Peoria

    • Vibrant culture leads to Creativity

    • Creativity leads to Innovation

    • Innovation leads to Opportunities

    • Opportunities lead to Prosperity

Partnering with local police and health departments to implement programs that will make Peoria a safer place to live. Investing in infrastructure improvements to support downtown growth and make Peoria more attractive and business-friendly. Promoting art, culture, and restaurants in the community to enhance the vibrancy of Peoria. Collaborating with local organizations and community members to identify and address any additional challenges or opportunities related to quality of life in Peoria.

Accelerate Job Growth

Unabashedly Pro-Peoria

  • Workforce development for current job openings

  • Attract new talent and industries to the city

  • Support existing mentorship/training programs for aspiring workers

  • Invest in leadership development for emerging leaders in the community


Workforce development plan for current job openings: Identify the skills and training needed for job openings in Peoria and provide resources and support for workers to acquire those skills. This could include partnering with local education institutions, offering on-the-job training, or providing funding for workers to pursue additional training or certification. Talent attraction: Develop strategies to attract new talent to Peoria, such as promoting the city's strengths and amenities, offering relocation assistance, or partnering with local businesses to create internship or apprenticeship opportunities. Mentoring: Connect experienced professionals with aspiring workers in Peoria through mentorship programs, which can provide valuable guidance and support for career development. Growing the next generation of leaders: Invest in leadership development programs or initiatives that focus on developing the skills and knowledge of emerging leaders in the community. This could include providing leadership training, offering leadership roles or responsibilities to promising individuals, or supporting leadership development through community organizations or educational institutions.


Equity & Justice

Strong and Safe Neighborhoods

  • Achieve racial equity and justice across the community

  • Help instill a sense of community pride

  • Mentor future leaders for public service

Instilling a sense of community pride: Encouraging residents and youth to take pride in their community can help to build a stronger sense of belonging and connection. This could include supporting community events and initiatives, promoting local businesses and organizations, and recognizing the contributions of community members. Mentoring future leaders for public service: Providing mentorship and guidance to aspiring leaders in the community can help to support the development of the next generation of public servants. This could include connecting mentees with experienced professionals in public service roles, offering leadership development opportunities, or supporting civic engagement initiatives. Involving youth in decision-making: Engaging youth in the decision-making process can help to ensure that the perspectives and needs of younger community members are considered when planning for the future. This could include providing opportunities for youth to participate in community planning and decision-making processes or supporting youth-led initiatives.

Uplift Businesses

Champions of our Destiny

  • Invest in and cultivate local talent

  • Support small businesses

  • Evaluate and improve City of Peoria policies related to businesses

  • Support and expand infrastructure to attract new businesses and opportunities


Investing in and cultivating local talent: Recognizing that people are the community's most valuable asset, it will be helpful to invest in programs or initiatives that support the growth and development of local talent. This could include providing education and training opportunities, supporting entrepreneurship, or promoting career advancement. Supporting small businesses: Small businesses are an important driver of the local economy, and providing support and resources to these businesses can help to foster growth and success. This could include offering technical assistance or access to financing, promoting the community's small businesses through marketing and outreach efforts, or providing business development services. Evaluating City of Peoria policies: It may be helpful to review and assess the impact of City of Peoria policies on local businesses, with the goal of identifying opportunities to streamline or improve these policies in ways that support economic growth and development. Investing in proper infrastructure: Proper infrastructure is essential for attracting new businesses and opportunities to Peoria. Investing in infrastructure improvements, such as transportation, telecommunications, and utilities, can create a more attractive environment for businesses and support economic growth.

 “She has an uncanny ability to create an idea and take it through execution and deliver positive outcomes.”
—Dr. Kamlesh Macwan

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